February 26th, 2010

If you were a child in the sixties, you definately remember these little rings. Sold for a dime in vending machines outside your local mom and pop stores, grocery stores, and drug stores. These rings were made by Vari-Vue who had developed a unique viewing process. Depending on the angle you were looking at the ring, you could see one of the two pictures that were meant to be displayed. The artwork on these particular rings were drawn by Marvel’s own Marie Severin. Unfortunately years later the company that produced these little goodies went bankrupt, and had a huge auction of their inventory in 1985. The original rings all have either silver or gold ring bases. The blue bases were from a later year, and were purchased in the 1985 auction. Certain collector’s decided to use uncut Marvel flickers, and stuck them on these blue bases. All the great Marvel character’s of the time were included such as Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Sub-mariner, Thor, Doctor Doom, The Thing, Human Torch, and the Fantastic Four.

A year later these type of rings would also show up packaged with the new Captain Action costumes by the Ideal Toy Co., but utilized different artwork. The Spider-man ring in that box actually featured Steve Ditko artwork.
Here are the rings, and their vending machine display card.

1966 Spider-man Marvel Flicker Rings

1966 Spider-man Marvel Rings

1966 Spider-man Marvel Flicker Rings

1966 Spider-man Marvel Flicker Rings

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